When Your Sign Becomes a Symbol of Resilience

We’ve all seen the images of destruction following powerful hurricanes, and the subsequent flooding; entire neighborhoods devastated, streets awash in muddy water, and lawns littered with debris.

Hurricane Michael Exterior Sign destroyed in hurricane

When the landscape becomes unrecognizable, signs are a familiar and reassuring symbol of normalcy. In fact, a corporate disaster index created by a famous Southern eatery is used as a reference by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to help determine the impact of a storm on an affected region.

The healthy bounce-back of Main Street and local businesses after catastrophic weather events and natural disaster is one of the earliest indicators of how quickly an area is recovering. Residents often turn first to stores for supplies, for news about the status of their community, and for reassurance.

Hurricane Michael Exterior Wendy's Sign destroyed in hurricane

In challenging times, your sign is more than just a way to brand your business. A once damaged sign, repaired and lit, becomes a symbol of progress. A sign can indicate that power has been restored, that business is open and that the community is on the mend. Your sign serves as a beacon of hope, signifying the town or area’s well-being and return to vigor.

Protecting your Investment

Hurricane Michael Exterior Badcock Sign destroyed in hurricane

When you purchase your sign, be sure that the company you choose has the capability to respond quickly after storms or other unexpected events. ID Associates’s field service teams are a phone call away. We have experience with emergency repairs and in many cases, can restore your sign to its original brilliance within 48-72 hours.

A maintenance contract ensures your sign will always look its best. Preventative care includes inspection, cleaning, painting and component replacement, as needed.  And, an ID Associates maintenance contract can be applied for service on all signs – not only those we manufacture.  We also offer retrofit services to convert fluorescent lighting to energy efficient LED.

Recovery and Resilience

Hurricane Michael Exterior Sign destroyed in hurricane

In an emergency, you need people you can count on. Our field service experts can be a valuable and trusted part of your recovery team. Your can rely on IDA to help your business communicate resilience at a time when it’s needed most.

Service your signage today with ID Associates, Inc. to handle all of your sign maintenance needs anywhere in the United States.

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