Make Your Brand Image POP with a Spring Cleaning from PSCO

It’s no surprise that springtime is associated with spring cleaning. Spring is the season of renewal. This is also the best time of year to schedule a visit from PSCO’s Maintenance & Lighting team. A Spring maintenance check from PSCO’s Maintenance & Lighting will ensure your signage looks fresh, functions properly and is ready for another year of advertising your brand.

Your signage works for you on location, round the clock, throughout the year. No other form of marketing can consistently and economically deliver your message and tell your brand story like signage. Proper care and upkeep can extend the life of your sign, giving you returns for years to come.

Philadelphia Sign Maintenance & Lighting crews have decades of experience caring for signs. Whether channel letters, high-rise, pylons, monument signs or ATM surrounds  – all benefit from a yearly inspection and maintenance by our expert staff.

Our maintenance checklist includes:

  • A thorough cleaning to wash away dulling grime and dirt
  • Repainting and refurbishing your signage.
  • Inspecting electrical systems and bulbs and checking for damage, corrosion, cracks or breaches that could let in water, to seal where necessary

Winter can be especially tough on illuminated signs, when lighting components get the most hours of continuous usage. During a spring clean, our crews will replace lamps and bulbs, as needed.

Upcoming warmer weather can also bring strong storms. Should storm damage occur this season, you’ll need an on-call emergency crew. Philadelphia Sign at-the-ready, and equipped to repair every component of your signage, including structural, frames and fascia. We will assess most storm damage as promptly as possible, while some damage can be resolved within 48-72 hours.   

Spring is also a good time to re-evaluate costs. Converting your neon or incandescent lit signs to LED’s can save you money. Energy-saving LED’s from Philadelphia Sign are not only cost-effective, but more environmentally sound. Converting to longer-lasting LED signs can results in lower maintenance costs.

A maintenance plan is a smart investment and the best way to get the most from your signs, year-round.  Whether manufactured and installed by us or by another company, PSCO offers sign maintenance contracts for worry-free support.

Philadelphia Sign Maintenance & Lighting will repair and restore your signage to its original brilliance, and reverse the harsh effects of time and environment. Be ready to attract and greet clients with clean, well-lit signage and make your best impression with a yearly spring clean!

Speak with a maintenance expert about maintenance contracts, on-call services or LED retrofits. 


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