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Designed to attract customers to your self storage facility
Exterior building sign for storage and moving company

Invest in self storage signs that are informative, well-designed, and effective

In the competitive world of self storage, your signage is more than just a label. It’s a powerful tool for attracting new customers and ensuring existing ones have a seamless experience. From exterior banners to unit numbers, every sign plays a crucial role in communicating your brand, services, and overall value proposition.

Here’s a look at why self storage signs matters and key considerations for designing effective signs:

Attracts New Customers: Bold, eye-catching exterior signs acts as a 24/7 advertisement, grabbing attention and sparking interest in potential renters.

Provides Clear Information: Well-designed signs communicate essential information like unit availability, pricing, security features, and contact details.

Guides Existing Customers: Interior signs helps renters easily navigate the facility, locate their units, and access important information.

Enhances Brand Identity: Consistent and professional signage reinforces your brand image, building trust and confidence with customers.

Creating the right experience is important, and with PSCO Sign Group, you get an experienced team who can provide a turnkey solution.

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Self Storage and Warehouse Signs: Where Brand, Code, and Site Meet

Self storage and warehouse signage demands a nuanced approach, where brand standards, local codes, and site-specific requirements all come together seamlessly. PSCO Sign Group’s dedicated team possesses the expertise to navigate this complexity, understanding your unique needs, target audience, and site-specific challenges.

We work within your parameters to develop a comprehensive signage solution for both interior and exterior spaces. 

PSCO Sign Group is your turnkey provider for self storage signs. Our approach is strategic to ensure each site location has everything in place for an effective program. We are an extension of your team to handle all aspects of your project:

  • Signage Design and Engineering
  • Location Drawings
  • Code Review, Submittals, and Permitting
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Sign Installation
  • Maintenance and Lighting

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The interior and exterior signage look great – thanks for all the work to turn this location for us.

Custom Designed Self Storage Signs

Whether you require bold displays for brand recognition, creative wayfinding solutions, or cutting-edge digital signage, our team acts as an extension of yours, ensuring your vision is flawlessly translated into reality. Whether you need a turnkey solution for self storage or warehouse facilities, PSCO Sign Group can deliver.

From quality product development and manufacturing to a dedicated project management team working for you, here is an example of how we design and engineer self storage signs.

Exterior signage:

        • Location and Visibility: Choose a prominent location for your main sign, ensuring it’s visible from the street and well-lit at night.
        • Large and Clear Lettering: Use large, easy-to-read fonts for maximum impact, keeping messaging concise and memorable.
        • Eye-Catching Design: Incorporate vibrant colors, graphics, and images relevant to your brand and target audience.
        • Highlight Unique Features: Feature unique selling points like climate-controlled units, security features, or special promotions.

Interior Signs:

      • Unit Identification: Ensure unit numbers are clearly visible, using consistent sizing and placement throughout the facility.
      • Directional Signage: Install clear and concise signs to guide customers around the facility, including restrooms, office, loading areas, and elevators.
      • Informational Signs: Provide important information about access hours, security procedures, and emergency protocols.
      • Promotional Signs: Showcase special offers, promotions, and available package deals to incentivize customers.

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