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The Importance of Pylon Signage

Pylon signs are a highly visible and effective way to promote your business. Their tall, upright design makes them easy to see from a distance, even by passing traffic. Pylon signage increases brand awareness and attracts new customers. Proper placement can help motorists and pedestrians easily find their way to your business. This can be especially helpful in large or complex settings.

The supporting structure for your pylon signage is made of steel and mounted on reinforced concrete footings. Our team reviews the needed permitting requirements, including seeking a local variance to get the sign you need and stamped engineered drawings to ensure the pylon sign meets the local safety requirements. PSCO Sign Group can advise and assists with every aspect of the process.

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Increase Exposure with Monument Signage

Professionally designed monument signs can help businesses stand out in today’s competitive markets. A well-made monument sign can improve a brand’s image by demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail in its appearance. Our design and manufacturing team considers all aspects, from small branding details to practical wayfinding solutions.

Monument signs are a great way to welcome visitors and create a memorable first impression. Strategically placed at the entrance of a property or business, monument, and directional signage provides effective wayfinding to guide visitors to their destination. Also, they can give the visitors important information, such as the business’s name, hours of operation, and contact information and showcase the business’s branding and value. PSCO Sign Group can provide end-to-end solutions that include design and placement recommendations through permitting and installation. Contact our team today.

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