Sign Variance Creates Increased Exposure for Restaurant Signage Rebranding

Sign Variance Creates Increased Exposure for Restaurant Signage Rebranding

PSCO Kieffer, part of the PSCO Sign Group, is a trusted partner of Outback Steakhouse. With over 650 locations in North America, the Company’s strategy is to differentiate its restaurants by emphasizing consistently high-quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices, and a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback.

PSCO Kieffer provides comprehensive signage and branding solutions, from new construction to rebrand updates. Our Maintenance and Lighting team also supports maintenance needs for the restaurant as needed, along with lighting repairs.

Spotlight on Lebanon, TN

The local Outback Steakhouse in Lebanon, TN, needed a brand refresh. Their original sign installation complied with the city code at the time, but since then, the code has changed, and additional establishments have been developed. This made the existing sign less visible, and Outback needed to move it. Outback faced challenges getting their vision approved due to the complexities of the local codes. They reached out to PSCO Kieffer for help.


Restaurant Sign Relocation and Height Variance Approved (57ft to 83ft)

The main focus was to achieve approval for a new location for their pylon sign and an increased height of 83 feet. Due to the restaurant’s location, they were required to comply with city and FAA codes and needed approval from the local airport commission. The code limited the sign height to 57 feet, and FAA approval was required to ensure no conflicts with airspace and planes’ ability to land.

PSCO Kieffer assessed the need for the pylon sign’s placement and height. After our project management team’s due diligence, it was shown this placement and height would ensure maximum visibility to attract patrons from various traffic patterns, including the highway, to help with identification and navigation.

After meeting with the city and obtaining their approval, we partnered with the city to present to the Lebanon Airport Commission. During the meeting, we presented the request and addressed the airport commission’s concerns about the sign’s lighting and engineering structure.

Once approved, we provided all required documents and filing and began constructing the new pylon signage location. The first part of the installation process was to create a stable foundation per our stamped engineering drawings and install the pylon steel pole. Then, the teams lifted, secured, and installed the sign cabinet and electrical wiring. The final solution was a win-win; we were happy to complete a successful pylon sign for this popular restaurant, achieving safety and visibility.

Planning for new or updated signage for your restaurant? Here are three tips to consider:

  • Start early. The sign variance process can take several months, so it’s essential to start planning early.
  • Work with a professional. A sign company with experience obtaining sign variances can help you navigate the process and increase your chances of success.
  • Be prepared to compromise. The municipality may not grant you all of the variances that you request. Be prepared to compromise on some of your requests to get your sign approved.

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