Signage for Restaurants

Leverage your restaurant signage to attract customers and drive revenue.
Wendy's drive thru restaurant with exterior signage by ID Associates, a PSCO SIGN Group

Restaurant signage designed to attract patrons

Restaurant signage is crucial to market your location and attract patrons. From the eye-catching design to the placement, custom restaurant signage helps increase your revenue and communicate your brand proposition.

PSCO Sign Group has decades of experience delivering signs for restaurants of all types nationwide. We are a turnkey provider of restaurant signs, including pylons, directionals, and menu boards. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure your interior and exterior signage program creates a memorable experience. All while understanding your brand standards and looking for ways to add value to ensure it looks its best.

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Maximize your impact with our Restaurant Signage Experts

PSCO Sign Group is a leading custom fabricator for restaurant signs and other elements such as menu boards, drive-thru structures, awnings, wall art, and more. We create consistent quality signage that follows exact brand specifications and value engineering recommendations.

Paired with our Project Management team, with decades of experience, we review variances and work with local code criteria to help your brand stand out. PSCO Sign Group implements your program to create the most significant value for each location.

PSCO Sign Group is your turnkey provider, so you can focus on operations while we handle your signage and branding needs. Our approach is strategic to ensure you are always up to the standard your industry demands. As a leading turnkey service provider for signage and branding solutions, we are an extension of your team:

  • Signage Design and Engineering
  • Location Drawings
  • Code Review, Submittals, and Permitting
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Sign Installation
  • Maintenance and Lighting

Connect with our team to explore ways to help with upcoming branding needs or help support your current restaurant signage program.

PSCO Sign Group got our pylon relocation approved by the city; we have tried for years and have yet to succeed.
The new sign is visible from the road and has our new branding!
-Regional Facilities Manager

Maintenance, Lighting, and Retrofits for Restaurant Outdoor Signs

Standing out in a crowded landscape demands an effective signage program. How do you maximize your annual budget but handle all the demands for restaurant signage? Let PSCO Sign Group help.

Our Maintenance and Lighting division specializes in custom programs to meet your needs. Whether it is lighting issues, failing LED’s or your digital signage reader board failing, one call and our team works systematically to handle the repair.

PSCO Sign Group can also create a budget analysis to help update brand standards cost-effectively. A simple LED retrofit and face cleaning can boost your restaurant’s impact to stand out while you prioritize other locations that have damaged or outdated and need new signage.

We ensure your first impression, is your best impression:

  • Preventative Restaurant Signage Maintenance Programs
  • Painting, Lighting Repairs and Restorations
  • Storm & Natural Elements Damage
  • Energy Efficient Retrofits
  • Damaged Sign Replacement

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PNC Exterior Sign
PNC Exterior Sign

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