PSCO Sign Group offers essential exterior and interior wayfinding signage and directories for educational, healthcare, or corporate-based environments.

PSCO Sign Group successfully addresses complex wayfinding needs while following local codes & ADA-compliant requirements.

Wayfinding is a particular family of interior and exterior signage designed to point the way; communicate critical safety information; help users orient themselves, and aid navigation in a physical environment. Using text, graphics, and tactile signage, wayfinding can label landmarks and locations, map a route, and even identify potential dangers.

PSCO Sign Group provides a complete wayfinding solution package that can adhere to your brand identity as well as serve purpose throughout your facility to provide your visitors with the know-how as they travel to their destination.

PSCO K-Line Wayfinging Product line

Our team develops a sign portfolio unique to your environment. You are guided throughout the process by our expert wayfinding planners and project managers to keep to schedule for the implementation of your wayfinding solution.

Our belief is that wayfinding should serve a dual purpose: to provide directional information while reinforcing your brand image through the design aesthetic.  PSCO Sign Group has a team of experts with decades of experience incorporating and perfecting the wayfinding solution specific to your location.

Our Wayfinding Process

Wayfinding signage consultants help create user-friendly environments that facilitate smooth and intuitive navigation in various settings, including healthcare facilities, airports, multi-family unit complexes, public buildings, educational institutions, and public transportation systems.

PSCO Sign Group’s team of wayfinding signage consultants has a step-by-step process to create effective wayfinding systems that help people navigate their environments safely and efficiently. The process considers all areas of your space, including local regulations, existing visual cues, branding, and effective wording for your audience.

PSCO Sign Group wayfinding consultants also work with our in-house fabrication and installation teams, providing a complete interior and exterior signage program with branding and wayfinding to create a welcoming environment.

Contact our team today if you are looking for a trusted partner to help you create effective wayfinding signage.

wayfinding process for interior signage map

Wayfinding Signage Consultants: Navigating People Through Spaces

Four types of wayfinding signs help people to navigate their environment safely and efficiently:

  • Directional signs tell people where to go. Examples include signs that point to the entrance, exit, or restrooms.
  • Identification signs help people to identify their current location. Examples include signs that indicate the name of a room or department or signs that identify landmarks.
  • Informational signs provide additional information about the environment. Examples include signs that list the floors of a building, the services offered in a particular area, or the directions to specific destinations.
  • Regulatory signs convey rules and regulations. Examples include signs that prohibit smoking, require the use of safety equipment, or indicate the direction of traffic flow.

Effective wayfinding signage systems combine all four types of signs to create a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. Here are a few examples of wayfinding from PSCO SIgn Group projects.

Branding: Interior and Exterior Signs for Business

In today’s competitive storefront landscape, grabbing attention and making a lasting impression is crucial for business success. Enter the unsung hero of branding: your signage program. Well-designed signage builds brand awareness and attracts customers.

Finding Your Way with Intentional Wayfinding Signage

If you have ever navigated a new space, such as a hospital or apartment complex, you rely on signage for a successful arrival to find your destination. January marks International Wayfinding Month, a time to acknowledge the crucial role clear signage plays in shaping user experience and business success.

Find your way with PSCO Sign Group.