Signage Manufacturing Services

In-house custom sign fabrication and manufacturing for any brand

PSCO Sign Group is committed to developing the best products for our customers at a competitive price with the quality you expect from a national sign manufacturing company. We have the production capabilities, modern equipment and manpower to execute your largest projects under the most challenging time constraints.

Staffed by highly skilled talent, our six U.S.-based state-of-the-art manufacturing locations encompass 587,000 square feet. We strive for consistency with each sign we produce using automation while devising cost-effective methods for fabrication by making continuous improvements to our procedures as technology advances. We are experts at maximizing efficiency and have the flexibility to adapt our production processes to match the demands and specifications of your program. Regardless of the scope or scale of your sign program, we can provide a turnkey solution crafted just for you.

Each facility is company-owned, so we can also shift the workload to all locations to accommodate our customers’ needs. Learn more about each facility.



PSCO Sign Group’s manufacturing department is where art meets state-of-the-art.

We recognize that high-quality, cost-effective signage comes through best-in-class manufacturing processes. We utilize these processes to produce signage that meets or exceeds Underwriters Laboratories requirements and is UL listed. Completed signage is provided with field instruction manuals and tracked with a computer-driven system to monitor service history.

Let’s discuss your signage and branding goals – we would love to introduce you to our sign fabrication experts and tour our state-of-the-art sign manufacturing company. Contact us today.

High Quality Signs, Every Time

As part of our rigorous quality control measures, all products are inspected at our facilities. Since 100% of our products are constructed in-house, we can assure product quality, no matter how exact the design or how many signs you require.

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

Our solar energy installation is the centerpiece of our green initiative. As the first sign manufacturer in New Jersey and the country to power our manufacturing facilities and fabricate signs using renewable solar energy, we are proud to be a leader in sustainability.

Our initiatives are a natural complement to your sustainable practices and green building efforts. We understand that businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, and we are committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

We are also committed to using recycled materials and sustainable practices in manufacturing. We believe everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment and are committed to doing our part. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability through our sign manufacturing facilities.

Efficient, Flexible and Capable Sign Manufacturing