Control your signage with Lightcloud

PSCO Sign Group took the technology from general lighting and put it into signage.

Lightcloud™ is a commercial wireless lighting control system that is powerful and flexible,
yet easy to use and install. We have successfully integrated this system into many of our highrise projects. Control your signage today. Save more money, time, and energy.

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PNC Highrise Lightcloud
Withum Highrise Illuminated Signage Lightcloud
Regions Highrise

  • This is a 3G / 4G cellular system, as opposed to wifi
  • No more traditional time clocks and photo cells – an astronomical time clocks are built into the system
  • Reduce the brightness on any sign by 20-30% and the naked eye won’t pick up the difference
  • Not only will you be able to reap the benefits of energy savings, and notified immediately of any outages
  • Elimination of nighttime illumination checks
  • 10 year warranty for labor and parts

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Control Your Signage with Lightcloud™

  • Installing the components is straightforward for any licensed electrician,
  • End users can operate everything from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • The listing on DLC QPL qualifies Lightcloud™ for lucrative utility energy efficiency programs that reduce upfront costs and accelerate the payback period.

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Case Studies that feature Lightcloud™


Multiple Rebrand Programs and Social Distance Decals

Control your signage with Lightcloud™