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PECO Crown Lights

The PECO building Crown Lights went live November 2020.  Philadelphia Sign Company did the entire installation which took approx. 3 months using our high rise team of installers.  The Crown Lights have been displaying messages atop the structure since July 4, 1976. The LED sign can be seen from all directions in Philadelphia. The upgraded RGB LED display installed by Philadelphia Sign wraps the entire top of the building. It is  40’ high and 440’ in length, nearly 400’ from grade.

The Crown Lights system is a full-color digital display wrapping around the perimeter of the PECO tower, from the 27th to the 30th Floor. The new system uses nearly 2,000,000 individual LEDs arrayed as RGB pixels across 118 programmable columns. A gap between each LED column allows air flow for the building’s mechanical systems. The LEDs use 40 percent less energy than PECO’s original incandescent system, and provide brighter, more colorful graphics than before.

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