High Rise Sign Installations

High Rise Sign installations pose a particular set of engineering and safety challenges.

High Rise Sign Installations

High rise signage requires additional considerations; installations at higher elevations have more rigorous material and structural requirements than those on the ground; lighting and illumination must be on point for maximum visibility at greater distances.

Safety is always an issue with high rise applications. Our installation crews have experience with pylon, wall, and tower installations. We employ safe practices critical for jobs requiring staging, crane, or helicopter lifts, minimizing risk and disruption to those below.

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PSCO Sign Group starts with understanding your goals and budget parameters. We then work with our team of experts to outline the scope of work and review options for your high-rise project. Our in-house team specializing in high rise installations includes everything from permitting to future signage maintenance.

Our design professionals and engineers evaluate all aspects of your program from a durable product with proper illumination. With your long-term needs in mind, we consult with our installation teams and work with every team member in-house to ensure the signage is delivered from start to finish.

Project Management: Our teams check city code and building criteria to define a scope of work and establish a timeframe. They oversee all aspects of the project to stay on task, ensure required permitting is in place, and ensure installation timeliness.

Design: Our in-house team turns your high rise signage ideas into a unique design that fits your needs. They can develop concepts from scratch or utilize your brand book or current design perfect for your needs.

Engineering: Our team works to ensure the signage is structurally sound and everything is constructed for the environment and elements. Also, advising how the sign should be fabricated for installation.

Fabrication: We fabricate our signs in our company-owned, US-based manufacturing facilities, where teams can collaborate throughout the project to ensure success.

Installation: Once your signs are fabricated, we are ready to ship and coordinate the staging and requirements for a professional installation, ensuring they are up to code and look their best.

Repair: Our high rise signage is designed with the future in mind, how to keep your signage looking its best in years to come. Our Maintenance and Lighting division is able to provide repair services for your signs, even if we didn’t fabricate the sign.

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High Rise Case Studies and Technology

Control Sign with Lightcloud

PSCO Group Sign took the technology from general lighting and put it into signage through technology known as Lightcloud. This allows the team to manage lighting from a secure mobile application.

Custom Retrofit Installation

The Historical Loews Hotel partnered with PSCO for a LED custom retrofit atop the beloved Philadelphia skyscraper to keep the integrity of the signage and upgrade the technology and reduce maintenance.

20′ Red Letters

It was a ‘red-letter’ day for FMC and PSCO Sign Group as the FMC signage rose above the city skyline featuring 20′ tall channel letters on the north and south elevations 700′ above center city.

You can trust PSCO Sign Group to safely bring your brand to new heights!