Withum’s Highrise Channel Letters have the technology from general lighting and put it into their signage.

Withum is a nationally ranked public accounting firm providing advisory, tax and audit services to businesses and individuals on a local-to-global scale. We recently completed a high rise install in New Jersey right off the NJ Turnpike in East Brunswick.

This project includes our newest integration of the Lightcloud™ Technology to control the signage. PSCO will be able to control the signage through Lightcloud™ software platform. We took the technology from general lighting and have integrated it into our signage. We are the first company to take this system and put it into signage.

Here are some of the major benefits of using the Lightcloud system:

  • No more traditional time clocks or photo cells. Works off astronomical time clock with a battery backup for 2 hours
  • 10 year warranty on parts and labor
  • 3G encrypted cellular service, not internet based, secure environment.
  • Easy feature to add in the future for your lighting
  • Save on electricity – can reduce LEDs to 20% which would be no change to the human eye
  • More precise reporting for outages
  • 24/7 monitoring so no need for night-time illumination checks
  • Alert System for immediate notifications of outages

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