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Educational signage designed to unite and facilitate navigation.
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Impactful signage and branding for education

Education facilities rely on signage to set the tone for their campus. Creating a welcoming environment that embraces the spirit of the school brand, complemented by directing students and guests throughout, can be achieved through a comprehensive signage and campus wayfinding program.

PSCO Sign Group has decades of experience working with various educational institutions to deliver a seamless campuswide signage plan. Our portfolio includes K-12, university, and college signage, campus wayfinding, donor recognition, and more.

Creating the right experience is important, and with PSCO Sign Group, you get an experienced team who can provide a turnkey solution.

Review your Educational Signage Program

The Value of Effective Educational Signage

University and college signage is a significant undertaking to ensure all project aspects are done right first and effective for years to come. Our project management team starts by understanding your brand, mission, and audience. They recommend touchpoints throughout your campus to create a welcoming experience and easy navigation.

We create a campuswide design and recommendation plan that showcases a full-circle education signage program. The plan includes ways to communicate your brand through interior and exterior signage, regulatory signage, and suggestiong where graphics and digital signage can be placed to share school offerings, highlight donors, and reinforce your values.


PSCO Sign Group is your turnkey provider for all educational signage and branding needs. Our approach is strategic to ensure your campus has everything in place for an effective program. We are an extension of your team to handle all aspects of your project:

  • Signage Design and Engineering
  • Location Drawings
  • Code Review, Submittals, and Permitting
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Sign Installation
  • Maintenance and Lighting

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The signage looks great, PSCO Sign Group delivered for our entire campus needs.
– Campus Facilities Manager

Custom Designed Educational Signage

Create a welcoming environment for guests, students, and staff through a campuswide signage and brand program.

PSCO Sign Group understands the power of branding and the critical role signage plays in helping navigate through your campus and recognize donors. Our team specializes in impactful educational signage programs for schools, universities, and colleges.

Navigating from the exterior throughout the interior, we custom manufacture quality products and branding elements to deliver for all of your educational signage needs. We are one of the oldest sign companies in the industry, and long after we complete your installation, we can help make updates as you grow or need repairs.

Turnkey signage partners, you can trust to provide:

  • Campus Logos and Channel Letters
  • Custom Monument Signs
  • Campus Directionals and Wayfinding
  • LED Digital Educational Signage
  • ADA and Identification Signage
  • Digitally Printed Wall Graphics
  • Donor Recognition Walls & Plaques

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