Starbucks enhanced the customer experience with a national program to replace their existing drive-thru with menu boards with digital order screens.

Starbucks created a consistent personal connection to deliver high quality hand-crafted beverages. Anticipating customer needs by continuously improving store operations and leveraging technology, Starbucks enhanced their Drive Thru experience by replacing existing drive-thru menu boards with digital order screens.

Philadelphia Sign replaced 1100+ sites across 36 states, at a pace of about 50 installs per week. PSCO completed a compilation of all jurisdictional requirements for signage permits and landlord approvals to start the process and flagged any potential issues that could interfere with the proposed scope of work.

The Digital Order Screen (DOS) Placement of the digital order screen was key to the success of the drive thru evolved program and the Five Panel Menu Board gives the customer more visual information on menu items. Partnering with the Starbucks team, PSCO was able to adhere to all requirements for each location nationwide for the menu program.

The Drive Thru Evolved Program is at its heart an assembly of clearly defined zones of connection that form a cohesive, compelling and unique drive thru customer experience. It is the path forward from being an industry participant to being an industry leader in providing a distinct drive thru customer experience.

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