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Philadelphia Sign Company has been branding America’s businesses with quality signage since 1905. PSCO opened its doors in 1905 and Andrew Paxson Trucksess, at age 18, purchased PSCO in 1911 for $500. His initial product offerings were hand-painted signs. “Not bad for a man that started with two sign painters,” said Bill Trucksess, the former CEO of PSCO.

PSCO has grown to be one of the nation’s largest, most influential sign companies. The company’s timeline mirrors the growth of the U.S. and, at times, has reflected the history of the world from the heyday of neon through war time efforts to the rise of retail chains and multi-site conversions; PSCO has been at the forefront over the decades leading the industry with a century of signage.

PSCO has successfully grown in scope and scale to become an international presence in the sign industry. Some factors that have contributed to the company’s ongoing success have been the inclusion in TISA, a global alliance; the addition of ID Associates and PSCO Kieffer; and the expansion of the company’s maintenance and lighting and wayfinding solutions divisions.

Today, PSCO is a recognized leader in sign design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance, specializing in branding and conversion programs around the world. As the country’s oldest turnkey national sign provider, PSCO earned the trust of the world’s top brands through inspired design engineering, unlimited manufacturing capabilities, and world-class program management.

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The Sign Experts

The team at Philadelphia Sign comprises a group of exceptionally skilled and dedicated sign experts who have earned a stellar reputation in the industry for manufacturing top-notch signage for numerous large brands. Philadelphia Sign’s team of experts continues to set the standard for excellence in the signage industry. Collaborating seamlessly, the team harnesses cutting-edge technology and creative ingenuity to bring visions to life, transforming ideas into tangible, iconic signs that resonate with diverse audiences globally.

PSCO solar panels in Pennsauken, NJ

 Sustainable Sign Manufacturing

The centerpiece of our green initiative is our solar energy installation. Philadelphia Sign’s Pennsauken location is the first sign manufacturer in New Jersey and the country to power our manufacturing facilities and fabricate signs using renewable solar energy that generates enough energy to power 900 homes. Our initiatives are a natural complement to your sustainable practices and green building efforts. Every PSCO product is designed to be high quality, durable and made by a company committed to responsible, sustainable manufacturing.

PSCO Brings The World’s Brands to Life

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