Is your signage ‘share-worthy’?

Shareworthy PSFS Sign Signs have never been more relevant than in today’s image-driven society. Social media outlets, posting and sharing can put your business in front of new audiences without you lifting a finger. Signage is no longer just for branding or attracting on-site customers into your retail location. A captivating sign can be shared, can serve as a backdrop for photos, can identify the location of a social media user and be a part of story after story on social media platforms that reach millions. Competition from online retailers means that drawing customers to your retail location is critical for your success. While it’s true that potential clients can access products in a virtual space, signage give you the opportunity to engage and reach customers in their communities, retail environments and places your customers frequent – in real time. Signs have always had the power to make the biggest impact for the lowest number of dollars. In the past, signs have been where your brand meets your audience. But, on-location signs are now poised to work harder for your business than ever before. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have revolutionized marketing. A strong brand image depicted on a well-designed sign can resonate with your customers, increasing the likelihood of your business’s image being shared in a feed or timeline, and multiplying your views exponentially. Signs also communicate the quality of your business. Lackluster or forgettable signage, signage that suggests cheapness or low quality, or signs that are poorly maintained all can negatively affect your brand and your customers perception of your services and products. Today, with the ability to snap and share photos instantly, every visual cue can have an impact on your business. Philadelphia Sign has been in the business of image for over 100 years. We can create share-worthy signage on any scale and scope. At PSCO, we can design, manufacture, install and maintain your signage for all of your retail locations, nationwide. We can faithfully execute conversions and re-brands for large retail chains. Beyond branding, signs can become community landmarks or icons, creating more photo moments for sharing. In fact, our company has been responsible for some of the most iconic and beloved signs in America. Our creative staff, engineering experts and on-call maintenance crews will make sure that your signs are always picture-perfect. PSCO offers exterior and interior signage such as architectural signage, pylons, monument signs, channel letters, LED-lit signs, large-format printed graphic, directionals and digital signage. Your brand image told through eye-catching, quality signage and appealing point-of-sale visual marketing can influence customer both on location and on social media, attracting brand new customers to your retail location. The image-culture is here to stay. Is your signage photo-bomb ready? Sign with us today!