Philadelphia Sign: Consistently Bringing Brands to Life Since 1905

Every year, companies spend millions of dollars on branding. Whether the industry is retail, restaurant or hospitality, a brand communicates the promise of what customers expect from their interaction with a company. From end-users to leasing companies to franchise owners, decisions and investments are made based on the strength of a company’s brand. What makes a brand memorable? Consistency. Logos should be instantly recognizable and messaging should be clearly expressed from literature to digital media to the point of sale.

Signage is the most high profile visual representation of an organization’s brand story. Each sign should express the brand message with clarity, quality, accuracy and consistency.

A reputation for consistency and quality are also important when selecting a sign company. As one of the nation’s top sign companies, Philadelphia Sign has been bringing brands to life for over 110 years. This sign industry leader was launched in 1905 and in 1911,18-year old Andrew Paxson Trucksess purchased a sign business for $500. The original signs were hand-painted placards delivered by pushcart. The company’s timeline mirrors the growth of the United States and at times, has reflected the history of the world – from the heyday of neon through war time efforts to the rise of retail chains and multi-site conversions – Philadelphia Sign has been at the forefront over the decades.

The changes in the commercial landscape have dictated the need for constant improvements and advances in the sign industry. Corporations with hundreds of nation-wide locations required sign companies that could handle branding programs on a large scale. Philadelphia Sign began production work for multi-site gasoline stations in the 1930’s. The company’s proprietary project management system was and remains at the core of its ability to manage the demands of branding for national retail, fast food chains and the banking industry’s multi-site conversion programs. Philadelphia Sign consistently ranks as the number one sign company for large-scale branding and conversions.

No Boundaries

Don’t be misled by the company name. Philadelphia Sign is a national company with a geographical reach that extends from coast to coast and around the globe. Our partnership in The International Sign Alliance (TISA – expands our borders beyond the US allowing us to serve our clients internationally.

An Industry First: Using Solar Power To Manufacture Signs

The push for greener technology in both materials and production have inspired signage manufacturers to devise better, cleaner, more energy efficient methodologies. Philadelphia Sign began using VOC compliant lead-free paints & coatings and energy saving LED lighting technology in the 1990’s. In 2010, Philadelphia Sign completed a major installation of solar panels on the roof of its main plant, becoming the first and only sign company in the United States to manufacture signs using solar power. The company is committed to consistently making improvements in greener production, recycling, material improvements and technology. Every sign we make is fabricated using renewable solar energy. The 910 kilowatt solar installation is capable of generating 1.1 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, enough energy to power 900 homes. And, each year the solar panels will offset enough carbon pollution equivalent to 4,700 acres of trees.

Maintenance and Lighting

A sign company should be just as consistent in its responsiveness to maintenance issues that may arise. Over the past 10 years alone several major weather events have impacted the US, resulting in damage and destruction of property. Facility operators, property management companies and building supervisors are usually some of the first on the scene and are responsible for handling the concerns from building occupants and clients. It’s a fact that damaged or worn signs can have a negative effect on both the brand and the building. That makes quick remediation an imperative. When shopping for a sign company, select one with a department devoted to maintenance and lighting, on a national scale. Philadelphia Sign has licensed crews on stand-by across the country to repair or replace damaged signs, and refresh worn or unlit signs.

High Rise Installations

High-rise signage requires additional considerations; installations at higher elevations have more rigorous material and structural requirements than those on the ground; lighting and illumination must be on point for maximum visibility at greater distances. In 1977, PSCO took to the sky with its first helicopter installation. More recently, we have worked with Chase Bank, Huntington Bank, PSFS, Beneficial, and FMC to name a few.

Signs serve as the on-site representation of a brand story. Companies expect that their brand image will be consistently executed with every sign. They rely on commercial construction and renovation firms, and facility managers to protect their brand, and ensure signs are properly displayed and carefully maintained.

Choose a nationally respected company like Philadelphia Sign ( that will deliver a quality, product, provide responsive service when and where needed: seek out new, greener technologies, and utilize the most efficient methods possible to bring your brand to life.

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