Find Your Way Through a Hospital with Wayfinding

Navigating hospitals and medical complexes can be challenging. Visitors to healthcare centers are often distracted or anxious. Efficient signage is your first interaction with patients and can reduce anxiety while guiding them to critical treatment areas. Well-planned wayfinding signs from Philadelphia Sign convey essential information to patients and visitors, to create a safe, welcoming environment. Wayfinding as Part of your Sign Portfolio Wayfinding signage includes both exterior and interior signs. Your wayfinding signage should be a part of a cohesive design aesthetic, serving a functional purpose while still communicating your brand identity like what we did for Northwell Health or KentuckyOne. KentuckyOne Pylon Garage Sign KentuckyOne Pylon Directional Sign Exterior wayfinding signage may include monument signs, channel letters, high rise signage and pylons – all designed to highlight your brand. Directional signage at street level, such as vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding signs, steer the public to entrances, emergency lanes and through parking lots. Even EMT’s and first-responders rely on wayfinding signs; in situations where seconds count, assistance from crucially placed signage could make a difference between life and death. Once inside the facility, interior wayfinding signs point patients and visitors to the help and care they need. Interior wayfinding not only helps to speed visitors to their destinations, but relays critical information such as evacuation maps, safety and hazard warnings, elevators, stairs and emergency exit labeling.   Staff depends on directionals as they traverse buildings with multiple floors, halls and offices. Many hospitals feature retail spaces like cafeterias and gift shops. Large-format graphics, digital signage and wall signs can engage the public while promoting products and a sense of calm for visitors and employees. Download a Brochure for more information about our wayfinding solutions.  We fabricate the signage and also provide a complete planning solution for implementation of the signage throughout your facility. Research Highlights Confusion According to research, at least 30% of people surveyed at a healthcare facility were first time visitors, and 40% had only been there 1-2 times previously. Thirty-percent of patients showed up for appointments in the wrong building. And, because many hospital campuses often have multiple elevator banks, 1 out of 4 guests have taken the wrong elevator during a visit. Wayfinding Product Line Philadelphia Sign Healthcare facilities are frequently undergoing expansion or renovations. Considering how much floor plans can change over time, a person that visits one year, may find a completely different layout a year or two later. Best Practices for Wayfinding Solutions Hospitals assign healthcare ‘navigators’ to guide patients through their healthcare. Using that model, some of the nation’s top healthcare campuses have begun to employ in-house wayfinding teams and managers dedicated to signage. Here are suggested hospital wayfinding best practices and solutions used by top institutions across the country:
  1. Create a permanent, in-house wayfinding team that is responsible for all aspects of the wayfinding system. Team members would be involved during any expansion planning and ensure continued attention to signage throughout the campus, especially critical during renovations.  Member skills would include graphic design, wayfinding and project management.
  2. A wayfinding manager can help to create the sign standards for the facility, and assure consistent adherence to those standards. A dedicated project manager can map out and document each sign, the locations and any proposed changes.
  3. Today there are so many options available for integrating wayfinding solutions – from digital apps to printed maps and physical landmarks. Compiling and linking a variety of tools gives users multiple ways to access information.
  4. Surveys from both visitors and staff can give insight about the effectiveness of your wayfinding system. The feedback can show areas for needed improvements and help with future planning.
  5. Some facilities have assembled wayfinding committees made up of participants from throughout the organization such as IT, Executive Administration, Marketing, Facilities Management and Patient Services.
ADA Compliance Today’s signs must meet stringent ADA Standards for Design. Philadelphia Sign understands the requirements for ADA Compliance – high contrast between backgrounds and characters; easy-to-read fonts without stylized or highly decorative characters; standards for signs read by touch; and the specific positioning of signs at a proper height. PSCO will create wayfinding signage that seamless blends your design elements while meeting ADA standards. Philadelphia Sign: Experts in Hospital and Medical Facility Wayfinding You can trust the Hospital and Medical signage experts at Philadelphia Sign to create a wayfinding sign portfolio for your facility. We have the experience to manage the process from design and planning to manufacturing and installation – whether for new construction or renovations. Contact us to discuss your wayfinding needs for your healthcare facility.