Project Spotlight: IKEA – Elizabeth, NJ

IKEA’s brand presence is growing with the help of PSCO Sign Group! In Elizabeth, NJ, PSCO Sign Group replaced existing multi-tenant pylon signs with new ones. Initially, this project started as four multi-tenant pylon signs. This project was originally quoted in 2017, and IKEA decided to move forward with the project and awarded PSCO Sign Group the work in 2020.

Our installer and crews had to get various OSHA certifications to work this particular site to work with the complexities of the install to complete the project. In addition to the Multi-Tenant Pylon Project, PSCO Sign Group was working on additional projects that included new parking lot advertising, directional signs, a set of channel letters for IKEA’s relatively new “Click & Collect” program, and add a large banner frame and banner on one of their elevations.

IKEA and PSCO Sign Group Brand Partners

Since 2003, ID has been the exclusive sign vendor for IKEA. PSCO Sign Group Associates first engaged with IKEA and started small with a location here and there in the Northeast and then with great success, moved into new store signage.  As time when on, word got all the way back to the IKEA corporate headquarters raving about the brand cohesion in the United States regarding the overall implementation of signs which in turn facilitated a continuous pipeline of work since then. 

For the past few years, IKEA has chosen to update signage at several existing stores each year to upgrade technology and energy efficiency.   In addition to updating the look of the signage to meet IKEA’s revised design standards, the signs are being replaced by or converted to LED-illuminated signs. We are currently working on sign remodel projects for the existing IKEA stores throughout the country with scheduled completion for all current remodel projects. 

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