Branding: Interior and Exterior Signs for Business

Branding: Interior and Exterior Signs for Business

In today’s competitive storefront landscape, grabbing attention and making a lasting impression is crucial for business success. Enter the unsung hero of branding: your signage program. Well-designed and maintained signage builds brand awareness and attracts customers.

As a national signage provider, we provide interior and exterior signs for businesses throughout the US and beyond. We leverage our experience to craft cost-effective plans that guarantee a unified brand experience, meeting established standards at every location.

Whether your growth plans include ten stores or 1000, here are a few considerations when branding your business with signage.

Maintain Brand Cohesion with a Comprehensive Brand Book

Safeguarding your organization’s identity requires consistent brand application across all touchpoints. A brand book is the cornerstone of this effort, outlining the essential elements that define your brand’s personality. This document, tailored to your needs, provides clear guidelines for employees and external partners.

Your brand book should encompass your organization’s messaging and values and include approved colors, fonts, and logos. It should also be a dedicated resource for signage standards, ensuring consistency and seamless visual identity across all locations.

Example of Sign Standards in Development

Develop Signage Standards to Unlock Brand Consistency

A logo or an existing signage drawing is a good starting point, but maximizing your brand potential requires cohesive signage standards. That’s where PSCO Sign Group comes in. We’re not just about reviewing your existing designs; we offer more profound expertise to consult with you to craft standards that deliver tangible value.

Developing signage standards is a collaboration that explores all aspects of signage for your business, interior and exterior. We explore various materials, applications, and cost-effective options to develop a family of signs to meet your branding needs. We aim to find the perfect balance between functionality, brand consistency, and cost-efficiency, ensuring your signage works as hard as your brand deserves.

Navigating Local Nuances for Consistent Site Implementation

Now that you have the guidelines for branding your business, you have the foundation to create impactful signage across multiple locations. Develop a transparent approval process to ensure consistent application of your standards across all locations. This eliminates costly inconsistencies and protects your brand integrity in the long run.

As a national sign partner, we navigate city codes and tenant regulations, which impact the allowed implementation of your family of signs. We help develop site-specific signage standards that seamlessly translate your brand identity while optimizing local visibility.

Building layouts and codes can require changes to your color standards, lighting application, and even mounting methods. Sometimes, material changes need to be considered due to the elements faced in the region, all while upholding your brand’s essence. Our team collaborates closely with you, ensuring your standardized specifications are adhered to, even with site-specific adjustments.

Example of Site Specific Drawings for Interior and Exterior Signs for Business

Branding Your Business with a Trusted Signage Partner

Beyond sign manufacturing, we offer a comprehensive partnership built on expertise, collaboration, and unwavering commitment. Our team, comprised of seasoned designers, engineers, and code specialists, works closely with you to understand your brand vision and unique needs.

PSCO Sign Group has been helping build brands for over a century. Whether you need assistance with new construction, ongoing sign maintenance, or lighting upgrades, we have the expertise to ensure your signage reflects your brand values and maximizes its impact today and in the years ahead. Contact our team today to learn more about our comprehensive approach as an extension of your branding team.

Completed Interior Exterior Signage for Consistent Sign Implementation