Signs: the Financial Industry’s Best Asset

Communicating a strong brand identity and clear messaging is nowhere more important than in the financial industry. Because products and services are similar from one institution to the next, banks must rely on a solid brand identity to distinguish themselves from their competition. One of the biggest challenges faced by banks and credit unions is the ability to maintain and foster relationships with their customers, particularly at the brick and mortar level. While online banking offers convenience, it’s difficult to maintain loyalty, build connections and expose customers to new products without the personal contact. Retail locations are an opportunity to deliver and reinforce your brand message through face-to-face interactions with employees. How do you draw clients to your physical environment? Color, style, décor all factor into a positive customer experience. Interior and exterior signage is a key component to the design of your space.
Your Sign Family
Creative sign usage – from traditional signage to architectural features like fascia, ATM surrounds and glow walls, as well as high-profile, high-rise installations – are critical in differentiating you from your competitors by visually telling your brand story at every point of contact with your customer. Signs are your best asset. Philadelphia Sign’s design team can faithfully translate your design vision, style and color throughout your entire sign family, consistently, on any scope and scale. We offer a complete portfolio of sign options to make your location a stand-out.
Extending your Brand Presence with ATM’s
Philadelphia Sign has been the leading provider of signs for the financial industry for over 80 years, and one of the earliest companies to create a full line of branded self-serve banking fixtures. We’ve been at the forefront of ATM surround design and technology; PSCO kiosks, canopies, glow walls and surrounds are the result of smart engineering and beautifully crafted design. We work with a variety of materials: aluminum, fiberglass, plastics. Our millwork and metal fabrication capabilities are second to none. From design, to manufacture to installation, Philadelphia Sign offers turn-key solutions for ATM’s whether at the branch level or stand-alone kiosks that extends your brand presence and retail footprint. Let PSCO create a unique, custom self-serve experience that engages your customer.
Acquisitions and mergers require immediate rebranding to announce the change, and to engage with both existing and new clients, as soon as possible. Signs are your first line of communication for a rebrand. Your best friend in a merger is a sign company with a proven capability to manage the conversions – large and small – with tight turnarounds. Choose a well-established company with a national presence and a reputation for consistency and quality. Philadelphia Sign is a trusted partner for the financial industry’s most recognizable brands such as Chase, Citizens Bank, TD Bank, First National Bank, Huntington Bank, Santander, PNC Bank, Regions, and Wells Fargo. Philadelphia Sign’s multi-site production work experience dates back to the 1930s. We have developed a proprietary project management system that is the backbone for multi-site conversion programs.
Client Portal
Our client portal is your electronic gateway to a project management platform to get up-to-date instant access for live project status updates. Clients have 24/7 access to documents, reports, and photos. The information is exportable and the platform is also mobile-friendly. At Philadelphia Sign, we put a strong emphasis on the planning, systems, processes, and organization required to successfully complete a branding program. Request a demo today of our online client portal.
Saving Energy and the Environment
Customers are more aware than ever about their impact on the environment, and they expect the same from the businesses they choose to frequent. Many financial institutions are responding at the branch level with LEED-certified buildings. A push for greener technology has inspired signage manufacturers to engineer better, cleaner, more environmentally responsible manufacturing methodologies like the use of low VOC paints and ecologically sound disposal practices. Philadelphia Sign was the first sign company to use solar energy to power their manufacturing facilities. These changes are not only better for the earth but can also improve your bottom line. Philadelphia Sign uses energy-saving LED lighting. We are also able to upgrade existing signage with newer, money-saving LED technology such as what we did for the PSFS building in Philadelphia. The skyscraper had neon which was expensive to maintain and not as energy efficient.
Maintaining Your Image
Your customer’s perception of your image and brand is directly impacted by your signage. Once your signs are installed, regular maintenance is required to clean or refresh worn signage and replace lighting components. A maintenance and lighting contract will help you protect your investment and give you much-needed peace of mind should emergencies or damage occur. In the event of unexpected damage from storms or accidents, you need a sign company with a dedicated team to respond quickly. Philadelphia Sign has licensed crews on stand-by across the country to repair or replace damaged signs, and refresh worn or unlit signs.
Industry Challenges
When it comes to branding and signage, banks face challenges unique to their industry: designs that distinguish you from your competition; a brand-specific sign portfolio to communicate your identity; large-scale conversions; addressing the environmental footprint of brick and mortars; using the most energy-efficient, money-saving signage; and dealing with unexpected damage to your sign assets. Choosing the right sign company to deliver your brand message is as important as the message itself. PSCO is your nationwide single source for all of your signage needs and ranks as the industry’s number one sign company for large-scale branding and conversions. Sign with us today!