Steps to Navigate Your Banking Brand Conversion with Confidence

Navigate Your Banking Brand Conversion with Confidence

Embarking on a banking brand conversion, whether a refresh or an acquisition-driven expansion, can feel overwhelming to manage all the requirements for a successful conversion that meets industry regulations and your branding goals. For national banking franchises, managing a consistent brand identity across numerous physical locations requires careful planning and execution.

As a trusted leader in national banking and financial signage and branding, PSCO Sign Group guides and implements successful brand conversions, from large-scale national rollouts to regional refreshes.

Keys to a Seamless Banking Brand Conversion:

Understanding the Project Scope

The initial investment of time dedicated to clearly defining the scope of your national banking franchise signage program is invaluable. This thorough due diligence allows for creating a detailed scope of work, which serves as the roadmap for the entire project. A well-defined scope drives the project schedule, ensures efficient resource allocation, and ultimately paves the way for a successful brand conversion.

Start with a comprehensive location list of all branch and corporate locations requiring new branding elements with an inventory of existing signage.

A comprehensive decommissioning plan should include branding removal locations, associated responsibilities (removal only, patching, painting), and any local permitting or landlord requirements.

High Profile Locations
To address any potential signage needs arising from existing partnerships, the project scope should include all high-profile locations, such as stadiums and arenas.

Site-Specific Brand Books

A key component of a successful brand conversion is the creation of a site-specific brand book for each location. These customized documents outline all signage, graphics, and other structures that require rebranding, along with their exact sizes, lighting details, and other relevant information.

The brand book further incorporates updates based on local code checks and any specifics required by landlords, ensuring compliance and facilitating the creation of accurate design drawings. These drawings drive the overall look, action plan, and fabrication details for each location.

By investing in upfront due diligence through site surveys to develop accurately designed brand books, you can avoid costly surprises and ensure a successful experience on “conversion day.”

Planning for a Smooth Signage Implementation

Thorough planning is crucial, but unforeseen circumstances can sometimes arise. Consider developing a contingency plan to manage these potential disruptions and maintain project expectations in areas known for permitting delays or labor shortages. This could involve temporary signage solutions, such as banners or vinyl decals, or installing one permanent exterior sign at each location initially, followed by a phased rollout.

Fabrication Considerations:
The fabrication process for new signage can include high-rise signage, channel letters, pylon signs, monuments, temporary signs, interior signage, door vinyl, glow walls, and ATM surrounds. Identify if a single partner manages all aspects, including signage, surrounds, graphics, other branding elements, and the installation.

Transparent Tracking Throughout Your Signage Conversion

Collaborate with your signage brand implementation partner to ensure a seamless and well-informed process. They’ll develop a customized conversion schedule based on your needs, priorities, and project scope. Additionally, they’ll provide detailed, consistent site-level reports, keeping you updated on progress at each location. Regular communication, including status calls and updates on upcoming installations, ensures everyone involved stays in the loop. Understanding this process and working with the dedicated support team assigned to your rollout is crucial for a successful conversion.

By following these key steps, national banking franchises can confidently navigate brand conversions. Remember, a successful conversion goes beyond changing your logo; it’s about building a strong and consistent brand identity that resonates with your audience and drives long-term growth.

Our team possesses extensive experience managing complex brand conversions for national banking franchises. We understand the intricacies of ensuring a consistent brand application across numerous locations.

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