Ribbon Cutting in Dothan Chamber of Commerce Ceremony

ID Associates Ribbon Cutting Ceremony The Ribbon Ceremony hosted by the Dothan Chamber of Commerce was today at ID Associates, the southeast headquarters of Philadelphia Sign in Dothan, Alabama. The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven organization that seeks to advance the commercial, industrial, civic, agricultural and general interests of the citizens of the area. The Chamber of Commerce takes part and interest in projects (municipal, state and national) which will advance the conditions of the Dothan-Houston County area. Any person, association, corporation, partnership or estate having an interest in the purpose of the organization shall be eligible to apply for membership. ID Associates Ribbon Cutting Ceremony The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce is the largest, strongest and most active business organization in the Dothan area. The investment is a commitment to the sustained growth and prosperity of the entire area and, therefore, an investment in the future prosperity of your own business.
ID Associates Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
This is an exciting time for company growth.  PSCO expanded in the south to create more reach and exposure to our customers. As 2019 will be a promising year as we plan for the next steps with ID as a part of the PSCO Family.
Philadelphia Sign acquired ID Associates in August 2018
Both companies create signage that attracts and informs customers, and increases brand awareness. One of our core values is to make signage and branding easy for our customers— to have our customers’ brand succeed, over and over again.
We are growing and providing more to our customers such as:
  • Two full-service sign shops working together to provide more to customers
  • Unlimited manufacturing capabilities with 587,000 sq ft across 6 locations in the USA
  • PSCO’s reputation in the northeast allows ID Associates to expand offerings
  • Reduced freight costs for clients improves our ability to service in the southeast
  • Provide contingency planning with each company able to transition work back & forth
  • World class program management with proven methodologies to manage your sites
  • Maintenance program enhanced coverage nationwide
  • Global capabilities for brands expanding across the border and overseas
Build your brand today  with ID Associates Inc. and speak to a sign expert.