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Chase Bank

Philadelphia Sign Company has completed work for many of the 5100 Chase Bank locations.

Chase Bank is one of the largest banks in the US, and our relationship with Chase Bank dates back to 1989. Since that time, Philadelphia Sign has won the trust of the financial leader with the success of numerous rebranding projects, highrise installations, and large-scale conversion programs – some as large as 1000 sites at one time.

For the Chase/Washington Mutual conversion, we were awarded 664 turnkey locations in Northern California, Washington, New York, and New Jersey. Each site required permitting, engineering, drawings, fabrication, and installation to be considered complete. PSCO provided onsite project management, working with our installers and our nationwide installers network to ensure project completion was meeting all deadlines.

Chase has also demonstrated a commitment to green initiatives. Over the past 25+ years, and with the advent of new technologies, Philadelphia Sign engineers have collaborated with Chase to employ more contemporary and more energy-efficient designs, such as converting existing fluorescent lighting to LED illumination.

Philadelphia Sign’s installation crews are experts at high-rise installations and have completed 21 highrise locations from Seattle to San Francisco to Dallas to the greater New York area.

Chase has been a partner of Philadelphia Sign for over 30 years. There has not been a rebranding program within the last (3) years for Chase; however, we are continuously awarded significant volume yearly. In 2019, we completed over 1,200 sites and invoiced over $17 million. These nationwide projects involve multiple lines of businesses, including, but not limited to, new builds, remodels, high-rises, and BAU.

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