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Allstate Insurance

Since the 1950s, America’s second-largest personal insurer, the Illinois-based Allstate Corporation, has confidently affirmed that its customers are in ‘good hands’. The insurance provider’s brand message has consistently reflected its reputation as customer-focused. It’s a brand that is trusted by approximately 16 million households nationwide.

PSCO has provided turnkey sign services to all Allstate Insurance locations throughout the country. Over the years, Philadelphia Sign has maintained Allstate’s iconic brand identity since 2013. The initial rebrand program involved over 9,000 total sites across a 4-year span.  As the 4th year came around in 2017, the last year of the program, PSCO rebranded over 2,300 sites. If you are in need of signs for your Allstate location, reach out to Philadelphia Sign to have your location match the Allstate brand. 

Today, Philadelphia Sign remains Allstate’s sole vendor for all their business as usual, new build projects, and special projects such as the Allstate Railyard location. The Railyard in Charlotte, NC serves as a corporate office building with members of senior management of Allstate.

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