When is a Brand is more than a Logo? Your Sign Portfolio, Your Brand

At their most basic, signs communicate your brand by displaying your logo.  But, in multi-site locations, signage can be more than just a canvas for your logo:  the types of signage that make up your sign portfolio become part of the brand story itself.

Red Lobster Exterior Signs

This is especially true for companies and organizations with multiple locations. We are all familiar with iconic signage, shapes, and types of signs that are as integral to the brand as the artwork – whether it’s red-head, lobster, or yellow letters; wall signs, pylons, or monuments – the type of signs used can be impactful to your messaging – and also to your bottom line.

Exterior Retail Sign provided by ID Associates.

Some of the businesses that typically use and benefit from a custom sign portfolio include:

  • Multi-location restaurants
  • Banking and finance branches
  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • Retail and Pharmacy Chains
  • Healthcare
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Choosing your Sign Family – Establishing your Brand and Your Budget

Does your company footprint extend from city to city, state to state, or coast to coast?  Do your location numbers in the dozens or even hundreds?

Multi-site businesses rely on the guidelines set in their brand book – their ‘brand bible’ – for consistency in look and messaging.  But, when it comes to signs, the type of signage that a business chooses to represent the brand is as influential as the faithful reproduction of the image on the sign.

IKEA SIgn Install in Elizabeth NJ

Retail leaders with national or expanded regional presence – whether fast food, retail, banking, or chain pharmacies – often integrate sign type with brand image. Not only does this reinforce their branding, but the consistency in sign choice makes economic sense; businesses with large-scale signage programs can better plan their budgets with an established sign portfolio. When choosing a family of signs to showcase your logo best, consider scale, shape, color, and how the sign is illuminated.

ID Associates offers an unmatched selection of sign products for your family of signs. From the traditional sign portfolio such as channel letters, cabinet signs, and directionals – to higher impact options – custom architectural signage, drive-thru solutions, attention-grabbing digital signs, or innovative technology. Your sign family can reflect your brand as much as your logo. New brand or brand refresh? We’ll provide prototypes essential to planning a sign family, especially with a new logo or brand image. An ID Associates representative has the expertise to make sign recommendations based on location, application, budget, and industry.

At ID, we’ll work to create the perfect sign portfolio to showcase your brand, consistently realized to your specifications, at every location, every time.

Contact us to build your brand and show you how to make your brand and logo stand out with a customized portfolio of signs for your multiple locations.