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Sign Repair Essentials for Businesses

Did you know that 54% of American consumers struggle to find businesses because of unclear or broken signage? Your sign is more than just a one-and-done product; it’s a silent salesperson working 24/7 to attract customers. A well-maintained sign reflects professionalism, builds brand recognition, and drives sales.

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The Evolving Landscape of Bank Signage

Consumers today seek more than just a place to conduct transactions. They value personalized interactions and a welcoming environment. While online research proves to be the strongest method for gathering information, going to a retail branch of a bank also proves to be of equal importance when making financial decisions.

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Philadelphia Sign Company Celebrates 119 Years

Philadelphia Sign Company, part of the PSCO Sign Group, is proud to celebrate its 119th anniversary this year. Founded in 1905, PSCO has grown from a single storefront operation into a nationwide powerhouse, leaving its mark on the signage industry for over a century.

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Branding: Interior and Exterior Signs for Business

In today’s competitive storefront landscape, grabbing attention and making a lasting impression is crucial for business success. Enter the unsung hero of branding: your signage program. Well-designed signage builds brand awareness and attracts customers.

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Finding Your Way with Intentional Wayfinding Signage

If you have ever navigated a new space, such as a hospital or apartment complex, you rely on signage for a successful arrival to find your destination. January marks International Wayfinding Month, a time to acknowledge the crucial role clear signage plays in shaping user experience and business success.

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Nurturing the Next Generation of Signmakers

The sign industry is booming with creativity, innovation, and rewarding careers. We’re passionate about nurturing the next generation of signmakers and providing the ability to explore exciting opportunities like designing digital displays, mastering laser cutting, or bringing logos to life with expert lighting and fabrication.

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