PSCO is fully functional and staffed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our community is currently being dramatically affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. While we operate in an area that has been hit hard with illness, school closures, and many uncertainties we want to ensure you that we at PSCO are continuing to take preventative actions to provide quality service throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic while keeping our valued employees and clients safe. We have taken measures in-house to limit foot traffic and the way we conduct business. This includes all the plants and offices. As of today, we have not been affected by delays for products being shipped to us. This could change down the road but as of now it is business as usual. Our shop is operational and we want it to feel like business as usual. We called our top 30 vendors that supply goods and all 30 have said their ability to supply materials will not be impacted. We can’t predict what the government will impose in the future, but we now know that manufacturing firms in the state of NJ will remain open. Please review our PSCO Business Continuity Plan we have in place during these trying times.

Philadelphia Sign Business Continuity Plan

PSCO Global Group, (PGG) is the parent company which oversees Philadelphia Sign Company (PSCO) of Palmyra, NJ and ID Associates, Inc. (ID) of Dothan, AL.  This PSCO continuity plan and its executors covers all entities under PSCO Global Group.

The PSCO Team is well prepared to handle all catastrophic events by initiating vital contingencies designed specifically for the sustainment of operations at all levels and the absolute protection of all company and customer data, information, infrastructure and finished goods.  Moreover, the health and welfare of all PSCO Personnel and their families is of utmost importance.

Bob Mehmet is the Chief Operating Officer at PSCO. He can be reached at ; (856) 829-1460


PSCO maintains a well-established supply chain network able to continuously provide all necessary raw materials to ensure manufacturing remains stable throughout any crisis.  Our robust network is able to accommodate all material demands as needed regardless of the nature of the event.  We deploy rolling inventories and min/max material levels to ensure all components are always available.  Furthermore, we have significant redundancies built into our supply chain network to minimize the impact of unforeseen circumstances.

Dan Mehmet is the Head of Procurement at PSCO. He can be reached at ; (856) 829-1460 ext: 143


Our overall manufacturing capacity spans five (5) separate facilities in Northeastern and Southeastern United States.  Should there be a catastrophic event at one (1) or more facilities the remaining facilities are able to swiftly react to the increased demand. The three (3) main manufacturing plants are all in close proximity to each other thereby allowing the sharing of work force, inventory, and manufacturing capacity. By having multiple facilities able to engage crisis management plans promptly, we are able to deliver our products and/or services to our customers without disruption. This gives us a unique advantage in the event of a disaster.

Our Corporate Headquarters facility (Palmyra) and our Broad Street facility are able to triple their output capacity by increasing shift count and/or diverting a shift to another facility.  Additionally, our Pennsauken Facility has an additional 100,000 square feet of covered space to accommodate scaling up for increased production as quickly as 24 hours.  Lastly, our ID Associates (Dothan, AL) would serve as the main production facility while other Philadelphia Sign locations are restored or visa-versa.

PSCO Continuity Plan (continue)

We have a fleet of PSCO owned transport vehicles which travel between all facilities for the transportation of raw materials, finished goods and manufacturing equipment.  This would continue in support of any contingency actions deployed to maintain operations.

More than 50% of our manufacturing skilled labor is trained across multiple production cells.  Their comprehensive skills provide the ability to move labor to needed areas of the plant(s) in order to cover for reduction of labor elsewhere.

Furthermore, our Pennsauken facility is powered by 5000 roof mounted solar panels capable of providing all electricity for our entire operation.  In the case of a massive power outage at any of our other facilities, all products could continue to be manufactured under the 250,000 square feet available at Pennsauken.

Over the last 30 years, PSCO has also developed a reliable outsourced manufacturing network specifically engaged to help with overflow capacity and major events impacting the overall manufacturing.  These strategic partners are located throughout the United States to assist in the geographical areas needed.  Moreover, many have focused manufacturing capabilities which streamline production resulting in shortened lead-times as well as a quick ramp up process which allows for expedited manufacturing.

Brian Mehmet is the Head of Manufacturing at PSCO. He can be reached at ; (856) 829-1460 ext:141.

Information Technology:

Our comprehensive IT infrastructure is managed off-site and includes real-time back up protocol designed for retaining all vital client and company data continuously.  The data is stored in multiple locations for redundancy protection.  All computer systems are standard Apple or Windows based machines while our Proprietary Project Management Software is backed-up nightly and sent off premises for easy contingency recovery at any time.

Our service teams enter information in real-time and have the ability to deploy a virtual desktop wherever they may be in order to perform all service-related activities regardless of location.  In the event company computer equipment is damaged, the PM Team is able to use any outside computer to easily access their virtual desktop under strict firewall protection monitored by the IT Staff.  This guarantees the ability to service our clients from literally anywhere at absolutely anytime.

Joseph Hoban is the Vice President of Information Technology at PSCO. He can be reached at ; (856)829-1460 ext: 161

PSCO Continuity Plan (continue)

While no disaster can be predicted, PSCO and affiliates are well prepared to manage through any major disruptions in production through our planned contingency process. Our goal is to ensure no lapse occurs in our quality or commitment to deliver to our customers under all circumstances.

If you cannot reach a member of your PSCO team we ask you please call the main line immediately at 856-829-1460, email us or your PSCO main point of contact if you have any questions. Our staff is continuing to bring your brand to life. Thank you for being a valued member of the Philadelphia Sign family. We appreciate your shared commitment to keeping our community safe!