Honor, Inspire, Recognize and Communicate: Tell the Story with Custom Large Format Graphics

The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the efforts of essential, healthcare and frontline workers.  Many have risked their lives to keep clients and customers cared for – whether stocking shelves at the market, manning cash registers, cleaning public spaces, engaging with riders on public transportation, or providing critical care at medical facilities  – the dedication of these employees during this challenging time is worthy of acknowledgment and celebration. What better way to honor these heroes than with a custom large format graphic wall, highlighting the faces and efforts of your organization’s exceptional team members? A custom graphic wall from Philadelphia Sign can:
  • Serve as an inspiring tribute to your employees;
  • Educate your customers about the contributions of your company and your workforce;
  • Show your community how much you appreciate your employees;
  • Thank your customers and the community for their support during COVID.
Large format graphics are a versatile, personal and affordable type of signage with almost limitless applications that can be used in any business, organization, or setting.
  • Create a striking focal point in a lobby or other public space that relates your history, celebrates your successes, and documents your company’s and employee’s response to the COVID crisis;
  • Install a large format graphic in a common area like a cafeteria or breakroom expressing your pride and gratitude to your employees;
  • Design an inspirational tribute wall in a quiet space of reflection using a custom large format graphic;
  • Convey messages of encouragement and thanks in an employee entranceway to show much you value the dedication of employees.
  • Showcase your essential employee efforts in a retail space by the check-out section;
  • Think big! Large format graphics can be used on the outside wall of a building or parking structure to illustrate your company’s work in the community, and also to acknowledge the loyalty and support of that community.
If you are looking for an economical yet impactful way to tell a big story, Philadelphia Sign can work with you to design a personalized custom graphic that resonates with your audience – both your workforce and the public. Consider Custom Large Format Graphics to:
  • Show Appreciation,
  • Motivate and Inspire,
  • Recognize Milestones,
  • Promote Camaraderie,
  • Improve Employee Retention,
  • Tell Your Organization’s Story,
Deliver a powerful message with a large format graphic from Philadelphia Sign!