Healthcare Signage: Responding to Changes During and Post-Pandemic

Hospitals and medical centers have been centers of intense activity during the pandemic, while your frontline employees have spent untold added hours within patient care facilities. The demands placed on your staff and your physical spaces have been unprecedented.  As the country makes plans to move forward with a renewed sense of optimism, this may be the time to consider changes – from a refresh of your spaces to practical upgrades in critical areas to overdo maintenance of your exterior signs.

Critical Signage: Wayfinding, Directionals and Instructives

Have your buildings undergone changes in response to the uptick in patients over the past year?  This may be an ideal time for a review of your critical signs such as wayfinding and directionals. An initial consideration should be to determine how well your wayfinding and directional signage performed during times of increased capacity.
  • Were patients, visiting staff, and EMTs able to easily navigate your interior and exterior spaces?
  • Were there changes to the floorplan resulting from the need for added rooms and critical care areas, or to the parking areas?
  • Have new protocols been put into place that requires clear and immediate communication?
Philadelphia Sign has wayfinding specialists that will walk through your facility and help with comprehensive plans to ensure your signage can speed people to their destination – whether in parking lots and structures, on exterior health campuses, or within your buildings. Health-related instructive signs remind visitors to maintain hygienic habits such as hand washing and distancing, practices that may be in place for the foreseeable future.  We can also create custom signage that may be particular to your application.

COVID signage

Large Format Printed Graphics: Telling your Story in Images

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words! Images have the power to set tone and atmosphere. Large-scale graphics incorporated into the design of your health facility can have a profound impact on both staff and visitors. Use large format graphics to Celebrate your Staff Thank You Healthcare Workers Large Banner on Building Healthcare workers have become heroes during this crisis. If you are looking for a way to publicly acknowledge their contributions, consider telling their stories on the walls – in lobbies or employee cafeterias – using large format graphic signage.  Large-scale images of staff can be used to celebrate and honor your frontline workers, strengthen the camaraderie amongst employees, and solidify your organization’s place with patients and in the community at large. Our design team can help you craft a powerful visual story. Large format printed graphics can also be employed in entrances and waiting areas as an economical way to refresh your interiors.  Graphics can be integrated with your existing décor to welcome, calm, and build confidence.

Exterior Signage and Maintenance

When assessing your critical signage, don’t forget your exterior signage.  We know you’ve been busy with patient care! Let Philadelphia Sign maintenance teams care for your signs.  We’ll inspect your signage and perform painting, lighting component replacement, and cleaning, as needed. Adding to your sign portfolio? Philadelphia Sign designs fabricates, and installs Channel letters, interior signs, monument signs, pylons, architectural signs, illuminated signs,

Philadelphia Sign is Ready to Serve

Philadelphia Sign salutes the country’s healthcare heroes! We stand ready to help you with quality signs to acknowledge accomplishments, communicate critical information, efficiently guide your visitors, and tell your brand story.