GOING, GOING…GREEN – PSCO Invests $4.5 million

PSCO Invests $4.5 million in the Installation of Solar Panels in Pennsauken, NJ

Philadelphia Sign (PSCO), marking its 100th year in business is excited to announce the installation of almost 5,000 MAGE solar panels being installed at their Pennsauken, NJ plant. This will allow PSCO to fabricate 100% of the signage they manufacture, from energy captured from the sun. The energy produced from the plant’s 910-kilowatt system is enough to power a neighborhood of 900 homes. Bill Trucksess, Chairman of PSCO, and Bob Mehmet, President & CEO, felt so strongly about the solar panel project, that they invested in replacing 245,000 square feet of roofing to house the system. PSCO will have invested more than $4.5 million on the project by the anticipated completion date of December 31, 2010.

“We made this decision to go green with a solar power system after realizing what type of environmental impact this installation would have”, says Mehmet. “Each year, these solar panels will offset enough carbon pollution equivalent to planting 4,700 acres of trees. As a national sign provider, we are excited to lead our industry in ways of going green and taking advantage of the environmental benefits associated with solar energy.”

Nearly Five Thousand Panels to be Installed By December 31st

The nearly one million watts solar installation will generate 1.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. The 4,790 panels will be mounted on approximately 6,000 stainless steel, roof-mounted angle racks. Philadelphia Sign has begun the installation of a GAF insulated and reflective TPO roofing system to replace 245,000 square feet of the existing roof to ensure that the panels are secure. An average of 85 construction, management, electrical, and solar installation workers are involved in the project daily. Installation of the solar panels is underway. Aerial Shot of Pennsauken Plant