Philadelphia Sign Company has helped Pittsburgh-based, PNC Bank, with conversions, maintenance and enhancement projects. To-date, PSCO has manufactured and installed 14,000 signs, over 947 sites for the financial institution. Aside from new creating signage for new branches, PNC also has contracted with Philadelphia Sign to maintain, upgrade and service their existing signage, including replacing fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient LED lights. PNC has incorporated LightCloud Technology into various highrise sign sites to save time and energy.

PNC Bank has a footprint that extends to 20 states. For the last 9 years, we have implemented their rolling refresh touching at least 100 sites a year in addition to our BAU sites including 348 National City sites for conversion. In 2011, an additional Conversion of 115 sites with 65 remote ATMs for the RBC Royal Bank conversion. In addition to brand conversions, BAU, and maintenance, we have installed 12 highrise locations throughout the United States. 

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